Best Spiked Shoes For Epoxy

When you’re ready to increase productivity and safety, and ready to eliminate annoying straps, buckles, and adjustments, we offer fast shipping for the best epoxy floor spiked shoes you can buy.

With Shoe-In Spikes spiked shoes you’ll never lose a hex nut in the middle of your floor. Never have to find a seat to sit down, bend over, and waste time strapping on those plastic buckles while hoping they don’t break or go out of adjustment on you. Step right in and get to work, then step right out when you’re done. These flexible shoes are a giant leap forward for spiked shoes for epoxy and other coatings-Shoe-In Spikes.

Are you a professional epoxy or decorative coatings installer that needs to wear spiked shoes for your installations? Have you grown weary of strapping on those spikes, dragging straps through your work, and broken buckles? Then you’re ready for the new Shoe-In spiked shoes! Spiked shoes with No Straps, No Buckles, No Adjustments!  Spike replacements are also available in both dull and sharp spikes.

spiked shoes for epoxy video

If you are interested in retailing or distributing Shoe-In Spikes for your customers, please contact us to discuss our opportunity.